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Membership Information

Brewing Up Words Consignment

2023 Membership Package:  
$59.99 per book title per year

One year membership for one Self-Published book 
and one book related product. 365 days.
Membership includes sales in a brick and mortar Bookstore and online features. 
Self-Published/Indie Books Only.

Included in all packages:.
Royalty to Author 70% and 30% to Brewing Up Words 
for book & book related item.
Royalty payments are made within 31 days 
after the end of the prior month.
Author is responsible for shipping books to/from Brewing Up Words.
Minimum of 10 books in each format required but you can send more.

- Brewing Up Words offers a special opportunity for book sales in a downtown brick and mortar facility and so 
  much more.
- BUW rotates the books in the store every 30 days, and the window displays 
  are changed every 2 weeks.
- BUW posts regularly online and offers debut authors support so you are part of the community. Author signing events encouraged and announced if you would like us to host as well. 


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