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What's Brewing?

Colby, KS-

I wanted to share part of my fantastic ongoing projects with you. If you recall I had been busy working on some new things coming up. Well, it’s getting closer and closer to it becoming a reality. 🗣️🎤📢 Here goes… My husband and I will soon be opening up a bookstore/coffee shop. We are very excited to bring this to our community.

☕️📖It is called “Brewing Up Words”, I hope this store brings the joy of what reading a book and drinking coffee/or tea does for us. I don’t know about y’all but holding a book in my hands, looking at it and connecting with it is way better than scrolling it on my browser. Don’t get me wrong if all you have is the ability to scroll for books, please do it. Books are meant to be read, and they would not exist without you picking it up or reading it online. So however you read keep on doing it. 😉 Alas, in a world that is constantly moving to bigger and faster, especially more technological, I just wanted the chance to slow it down and let you breath in a few quiet moments. As My Aunt Flor would say “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses”. I hope you all join me on this new adventure we are embarking on. We look forward to being present and part of this wonderful community. FYI-hoping to help us disconnect occasionally, the store will only have a Facebook page for store hours and specials. So, if you are in the neighborhood, come see us. Make your day as wonderful as you are!

PS- I still have another project up my sleeve, so come back soon for more updates. Thank you all, for all your support.

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