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"Cuando Calienta El Sol"

Summer in July- Colby

Temperatures have been extreme throughout the regions. Everyone has been feeling these 100-degree temps. No one wants to go out unless forced by commitments. As I am typing early this morning the temperature is already at 78 degrees. A/C is working non-stop, so much the poor thing went out the other day. 🥵The keepers felt the sweltering heat indoors that day, as they could not get it fixed until the next day. Alas they survived the day. Others seemed to thrive in this situation. 🤔

Titus: Bark! Bark! Someone let me out it’s hot and I am bored in this house.

Keeper: Titus. It is to hot outside you won’t like it out there.

Titus: Umm no it’s hot in here and its boring, let me out keeper! Bark! Now, Thank you.

Keeper: Okay but don’t complain when you’re out there sweating your biscuits.

Titus: Just let me out, you know nothing of my biscuits. (Makes his way out the door)

The keeper looks out the door, and sees him just soaking the air in. Sniff, smell, walk, sniff, smell, walk. She leaves him be and decides well I guess I should let Denver out with him too.

Keeper: Hey Denver want to go out with Titus?

Denver: Umm, outside, outside omg outside! (Pacing in her room) What’s outside again?

Keeper: Well, you’re excited to go I think. Okay let’s go but it is hot. (Denver runs up the steps, no problem this time and out she goes)

The keeper sees Titus and Denver meet at the end of the outside steps. They give each other the look, the sniff, and smell, usual greeting of course. The keeper continues with her inside work away from the heat.

Titus: Yep this is perfect weather for a nap.

Denver: A nap?

Titus: Yup a nap, wanna join?

Denver: umm, maybe.

The keeper goes to check on them a little later, as no one has asked to come in yet. To her surprise….. snoring has commenced. 😯

They say the sun is natures blanket, but boy oh boy some days that blanket is set on high. I guess when naps call they call no matter how hot it is! Note: Please nap indoors and stay cool, do not try this at home as it is not recommended. Especially when the heat is way above the 100’s. Titus and Denver are trained professionals, and where brought in shortly after. SMH!

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