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"El Don"

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

~Origins of the keeper of the house and El Don~

(Note: The story you are about to read is based on actual events, told by the keeper)

Currently I am the keeper of a house, that is housed by 5 very lovely dogs. Let me start quickly with my journey of such a prestigious job. I won’t bore you with my resume or accolades. Just know I have been working hard for such a position. It was the month of April when I first met the original keeper. It was through that keeper that I came into this position. You see the keeper was looking to find a mate, a helper of sorts. The job had become much for him to bare alone. So, I agreed to meet with the now oldest and youngest looking of the house. That meeting took place about 6 years ago today. Let’s call that gentleman “El Don”. El Don was at that time being housed in a lucrative apartment complex in the city.

When I approach the building, I meet with the current keeper of the apartment. Before a word is said I get warned to watch myself as I enter the premises. The keeper of the apartment let El Don take the lead from that moment. El Don showed me around and very kindly gave me proper instructions on where I was allowed to go. He also explained in a hoarser and stern tone, where he would accept being touched or how he prefers picked up. The request although strange, I thought I was qualified to accept the position. Little did I know how stranger things would get.

(Come back for another chapter of El Don 😉)

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