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El Primer Dia

The first day

It was in November of 2016 when we took our first dog trip. What is a Dog trip you might wonder. Well, many of you may not know my husband and I traveled across the U.S. driving dogs and cats to their furever homes. We had such an exciting time, taking all kinds of breeds and sizes coast to coast. We collaborated with private parties as well as many shelters too. Of course, it came with many hurdles to, but that’s what made this an amazing adventure. I was currently living in Colorado during that time.

One day I had a good friend ask me a random question “Hey want to take a pup to St. Louis for me? Before I could even understand if the question was a joke or if he was serious, he stated he would cover my expenses. I knew then this question was in fact a real question. I followed up with an umm and a when would this be happening? He said in the next few weeks. I was still speechless at the random request; he said let me know later. I agreed to contact him later on. Being in disbelief of his request I asked my younger sister what she thought about this idea. At the time we were rooming together, so that made her my go to advisor. Her advice was well if you want to drive that far, I guess. Lol extremely helpful of course.

I than started planning who I could take with me on this trip. I was only dating my now husband AJ and figured he would be a good pilot.. maybe? I mean could I really ask this guy to drive with me to St. Louis to take a puppy to some strangers? I considered the awkwardness of it all but opted with the worst case he says no thanks. So, I asked him, he thought we could get it done on a weekend and besides, it sounded like fun. I mean we get to take a sweet puppy to its new home and have the expenses paid. The question for him was why not do it. I guess that was not a no. So, I texted my friend with more questions. Like what part of St. Louis, and what do I need to take with me? We hashed out the small details and AJ and I made a plan. That is where our 3-year living on the road adventure began. Who knew this was the first of many miles traveled. I know I didn’t that’s for sure. 🤔😉

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