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El Valiente vs The house of doom!

Colby, KS- Tuedsay

The original keeper is on a mission today. As he has a very busy schedule today. 1st item on the list is to go to the dreaded place. The place no normal critter cares to go, the place they do not speak of. The one area where they get tortured and tormented. They say its worse than going to the dentist for us, keepers. Today Titus gets to go to the … dun dun dun... the vet! I know I know in most cases this is the bad rep, poor vets get. In reality they are the beacon to having healthy and happy critters. Luckily for us the keepers in this house, our wards do not shy from said visits. On the contrary they seem to love it. They get lots of attention, and the best part is they get tons of treats. When other critters want to run away from said facility, mine run to it. It’s about 8:15 am on a lovely warm Tuesday where this adventure begins.

Titus: Zzzzz zzzz! (Extra loud flaunting of the sleep cycle)

Keeper: (Begins to gather travel items, leash, harness, and keys)

Titus: (oblivious to the keeper walking around) Zzzzz! Zzzzzz! (Flaunting continues)

Keeper: Okay Titus lets go. (He opens Titus’s bedroom door)

Titus: What in tarnation, bark, bark, growl, who goes there!!!!!

Keeper: Frozen with fear (really just startled about the outburst) Titus what the heck it’s just me. I told you we were leaving.

Titus: Oh, umm yea! I knew that I was just testing my vocal cords.

Keeper: Well sure, okay let’s go than. (They travel without incident)

The usual pleasantries commence when they arrive at the house of horrors (fun house really). Titus gets checked in and gets the old checkup process. Vet checks the ears, eyes, mouth etc. Soon as the vet leaves the room to run her test, (epiphany)Titus realizes something very important. He remembers he hasn’t had enough sleep. SMH!!! That is how fearful (really comfortable) he is on his vet visits! Yep he’s not affected one bit, most importantly, sleep is welcome any time. Zzzzz!

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