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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

I just wanted to share with you future authorpreneurs 😊 Stephanie taught me this word. 😉 For any of you wanting to write a book, already wrote a book or just feel lost about your book, know you're not alone. This book business is and can be overwhelming. I feel you, believe me. I still have those moments of being lost, and question what now. It happens especially when you're trying to learn about self-publishing, hybrid publishing, and traditionally publishing. There is so much to learn and that's okay but it's also okay to ask for help/advice.

I wanted to invite you to find and introduce you to Stephanie Feger, she's the author of a few books and one of my go to books. Her most recent book is called "Make Your Author emPact" it's fantastic. I have a copy of this one at home. 🏡 Not only does it help guide you in the right direction, it does so in such a comforting way. You must pick up a copy. She also offers you help personally. She can help point you in the direction your heart and mind really want to go. For those of you who love listening to pods. She also has a podcast that gives you so much valuable information that is relatable to you.

There is so much I'd like to say, but I'll let you look on her page, she's so awesome. 😎

Don't forget to MAKE your day shine 🤩🥰 and keep on writing ✍️ you'll get there. 📖

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