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Kato the warrior

Kato the Warrior

Present Time-KS

Kato: Another glorious morning, yawn.

Keeper: Morning Kato, ready for breakfast?

Kato: OMG! Why are you bothering me already?! Go away!

Keeper: Okay sleepy head at least go outside for your morning routine.

Kato: Fine, but I am not going to be moving fast, so don’t rush me! (Walks at the speed of a turtle)

Keeper: (walks Kato outside and watches her through glass door)

Kato: Yawn, I am so tired this morning. (Hears a noise in neighbor’s yard) who’s there? Bark bark! Danger! Bark! Help! Show yourself you miscreant! Keeper! Bark! Come quick before I tear this fence apart.

Keeper: (still watching, opens door) Kato, calm down. Its just the neighbor, they live there. You know they live there. It’s okay just come inside than.

Kato: Growl, bark… why I ought to just teach them a lesson. You don’t try to take me on. I take you on! Grrrr! (Walks back in with hair on her back still standing, and tail wagging)

Keeper: (Shaking head) I thought you were tired, what happened? Giggle 😊

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