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Serene or Havoc

Present time-KS

O.P.: Hello world, good morning Don. Hope you slept well? Hello Keeper. Ah, it’s such a beautiful morning today.

Keeper: Morning O.P., your always so chippy. I love it.

O.P.: Oh, you know me love, I just love everything and everyone.

Keeper: You’re such a good boy, you know that.

O.P.: Oh, you’re gonna make an old boy blush Miss.

Keeper: (accompanies O.P. & El Don outside) O.P. you let me know when your both ready to come in.

O.P.: Of course, love, you know me tho, I love being outside.

Keeper: I know you love it outside, but it gets hot, so knock or holler when your ready.

O.P.: (hears the mailman driving up) oh no he’s back again. Don you get behind me, I know this guy is up to no good. (Don steps back and O.P. the guard emerges) BARK! BARK! (Running the fence line faster than a cheetah on the prowl) Hey you!! BARK! BARK! Come here! State your business here! YOU! DO NOT IGNORE ME! BARK! DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM ME ,YOU! COME HERE I SAY! BARK!

Keeper: (peeks out the window to see what's happening outside) Oh geez! O.P., you stop that yelling. Come inside. (O.P. ignores the keeper) O.P. come on sweetie it’s just the mail man. (El Don sitting by door watching O.P., Keeper looks down to El Don and sees a small nod. O.P. comes to the door. Keeper opens door and El Don moves aside and lets O.P. come in first.) Hmm! Okay 🤨

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