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The Goldfish

Present Time -Denver the confused-KS

Keeper: Denver baby its time to go outside, gotta potty.

Denver: Yawn! Are you talking to me?

Keeper: Yes come on lets go outside. Come on! A little further.

Denver: (Slowly walking towards steps. Reaches steps brakes screech to a complete halt.) Omg! Omg! What the heck are these things. (Slowly smells the steps)

Keeper: Denver come on! It’s okay its just the steps you use every day to go outside.

Denver: Umm no! no! these things are scary. I refuse to go near them things.

Keeper: Denver are you serious? Smh are you not going to come up?

Denver: ¡Umm no! No! I’m going back to my bed and hide under my blankets.

Keeper: Okay Denver, I will get the leash. (keeper grabs the leash; pretends to hook it on.) Okay lets go! Its okay now.

Denver: Oh, the leash yes, thank you! That makes it so much better.

Keeper: (we reach the steps, and she walks out no problem)

Denver: do dee do dee what joy it is to go outside!

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