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Titus the Valiant

Updated: May 20, 2022

Titus The valiant - days like these smh!

Present Time-KS

Titus: Today is the first day of many days. It’s rainy and muddy. I don’t care to be outside when its rainy. Alas my fate has dictated that is where I should be. I cannot understand why no one listens to me. I don’t want to be out here; I want to be inside a home. Where it is warm and quiet. Pound, pound, bark, bark! Is there no one who can hear me. Why oh, why must I be destined to live in such horrid conditions.

Keeper of the home: Titus what is going on here? I heard you the 1st time. 1st you wanted to go out, now you don’t. It was only a few minutes, I told you go potty, and I’ll be right back. I know its rainy out but the faster you go, the faster you can go back to your bed.

Titus: I do not recall any of that! I think you are mistaken Keeper! I would never bark to be let out in such conditions. I recall being forcefully told to leave my warm bed and get out! Plus, I don’t bark, I just speak loudly sometimes. There is no need for you to be shaking your head at me either.

Keeper: Well, come in don’t just stare at me, don’t you want to come in?

Titus: Not with that attitude I don’t. Who would in such hostile environments? No, Thank you!

Keeper: Okay than I can’t stand here all day with the door open. Last chance its cold out there. I am closing the door. (Door is now closed)

Titus: Bang! Bark! How dare you close that door on me! Its cold out here let me in.

Keeper: I thought you would change your mind, you're ridiculous. Come inside than.

Titus: Don’t mind if I do.

Keeper: 5 minutes later hears the snoring commence.

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