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"When one door closes.."

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Colby, KS

It’s about 57 degrees outside and the keeper is getting ready to embark on her journey. She gathers her items to head out for the day. She looks up at the clock and its 10 minutes to 8 am. Oh no! she fears she will be late, she quickly grabs her phone, and her travel mug. She looks around and heads out the door. She rushes to her transportation mechanism. She pulls on the door to get in and, it does not open.

The keeper is confused, so she sets her travel mug down. Tries it again, handle up and that’s a no go. The keeper again confused checks her pockets. Oh no! she has the wrong keys. She runs to the door, hoping somehow she may not have locked it. She runs to the back door and that one is locked as well. Of course, she would lock all the doors the day she needs to have one open. She begins to think. How can she get in? She remembers there is a person with a spare key. Yes, she says I will call her. Oh wait! I can’t, she’s out of town today. Hmm, now what?!

She is for sure late now, so she sends a message to let the parties know of her situation. As soon as the message goes out, she remembers the other door behind the sealed fence. Surely that one is open, thinks the keeper. This door is protected by a 6-foot fence with no entrance. Only one way in she mumbles that’s up and over. She looks around grabs a cylinder brick from the garden and uses it as a step to help her climb. She attempts the first climb over, leg goes up, up. Okay that didn’t work she says as her attempt of a leg up barely moved. She tries a different angle, hoping to not tear or break anything. A keeper is not built for this kind of activity.

It was a chilly morning but sweat seems to be gathering on her brow. The keeper attempts a new angle and nope that did not work either. She stands looking at the fence as if almost defeated. She tries lifting the fence maybe she can crawl she thinks. UMM! That’s also a no! You know desperate times call for desperate measures. Not all ideas are good. Oh, that keeper is funny, smh! Okay breathe you can do this she says aloud. One more try, she uses more cylinder bricks for support, and up, up, and … Do not worry for she has made it over in one piece. Dusty but still in one piece. She goes to the door and attempts to turn the knob. Yes! It is open, she runs in smiling the whole way in. She grabs the right keys looks around and finally heads out!

“Cuando una Puerta se Cierra”, I really love this saying in Spanish. If your wondering what it means, well it is simply when one door closes. Usually, you will hear this when something you attempted to do did not pan out. In most cases it is followed with the rest of the saying. If one door closes another opens, or if one door closes, open a window. I am sure we have heard many versions of this saying, and we all interpret it as we need. Today mine was not so much in the meaning, but in the literal sense of it. Remember if one door closes, try the rest of them, including windows. If that doesn’t work, call the locksmith. 😊

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